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Deh Cho Bridge
Extradosed Composite Steel Truss
Northwest Territories, Canada, 2009
Project Role:
» Engineer of Record (Superstructure, Abutments Design & Piers Retrofit), Construction Phase Services

Client: Sargent & Associates Ltd./Government of Northwest Territories

Project Description:

The Deh Cho bridge superstructure is a two lane, nine-span composite steel truss bridge with a cable assisted main span of 190 m. The approach spans are symmetrical about the centre of the bridge and have successive lengths of 90 m, 112.5 m, 112.5 m and 112.5 m. The total length of the bridge is 1,045 m. The superstructure consists of two 4.5 m deep Warren trusses with a transverse spacing of 7.32 m and a 235 mm thick precast composite deck. The truss members are built up I-sections. Two A-pylons, located at Pier IV South and Pier IV North, each support two cable planes.  Each cable plane consists of six cables that are connected to the main truss through an outrigger system. 

Infinity is the Engineer of Record for the incrementally launched Composite Truss, A-Pylons, Stay System, Articulation Scheme, Abutments and the Pier Retrofit Design for the Deh Cho Bridge.  Infinity is currently providing construction phase services for the project scheduled to complete in late 2012.  When complete the bride will be the longest joint-less bridge in North America.